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Kelly Carter is CEO of Beacon Retirement Planning Group, Inc. and has over 18 years experience as a financial retirement advisor with emphasis on estate and tax planning, life insurance, annuity programs, and retirement strategies.


Kelly has devoted the last seven years of his professional career working directly with pre and post retirees, providing them with alternative safe solutions for their retirement needs.


Prior to BRPG, Mr. Carter was responsible for the formation of an estate planning team that focused on wealth transfers and tax saving strategies for high net worth clients. This team, comprising of lawyers, CPA’s, tax, insurance and investment specialists, provided the necessary strategies for ensuring the protection and efficiencies of each client’s “wealth transfer” plan. Over the next several years, Kelly began to expand this function into the Chicago and New York region offices as he grew this segment of the business nationwide.

Kelly has headed up the forum for hundreds of wealth preservation seminars and has spoken to thousands of retirees. The result has been an extensive network of clients throughout Southern California having individualized and customized retirement plans that provide peace of mind wealth preservation solutions.


Very early in his career, Mr. Carter was recruited to serve as an independent Registered Representative appointed through Bear Stearns and First Allied Securities, Inc. He received his formal education at Central Missouri State University. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. and B.A. degree in Finance and Management.




Steven A. Conte is President of Beacon Retirement Planning Group Inc., He has 30 years of Corporate America experience with emphasis in retirement financial planning, human resources and operations both domestic and international.


Steve has devoted the last fifteen years of his professional career working directly with pre-retirees, retirees, and business owners in providing alternative, safe solutions for their retirement needs.


Mr. Conte has an accomplished background as a senior executive and corporate officer in companies ranging from Bristol-Myers, Schering-Plough, United Brands and Newmont Mining Corporation, Mr. Conte has been responsible for the design, development and management of pension plans and 401(k) plans, as well as employee benefit and compensation plans.


As the former President of the Board of Directors of Hospice of the North Coast and a member of the President’s Advisory Council, Steve brings an extensive background in financial management planning, human resources and operations to the programs he represents and understands.


Steve is a graduate of St. Ambrose University where he earned a B.S. degree with honors in Economics and Political Science, and won the Political Science Academic Excellence Award. He has completed over 50 professional, technical, sales and management programs. A seasoned traveler, he has worked in Europe, Russia, South and Central America, Canada and the Far East

Retirement Destiny Radio